25 thoughts on “And his name is James T. Kirk.”

  1. 12 year avionics technician in the Air Force. This kid is impressive, I was blown away that he knew what TCAS is, hell we have trouble getting the new guys who are trained in these systems able to explain it as well as this kid did. I’m blown away.

  2. I was at a mechanic getting an oil change once and a kid about this guys age was talking about the parts of an engine to his grandpa(?). The only part I recognized was the transmission but he probably listed 6 or 7 parts and what they did. He did the same thing when they stripped off the tire. Kid knew his cars. The grandad told me the he had wanted to be a mechanic since he could pick his own toys

  3. A brilliant kid, but I wonder if being a pilot will still exist as a viable career by the time he becomes an adult.

  4. When I was his age I wanted to be a paleontologist. Used to go to the library every week and rent new books on dinosaurs. Going to the bigger library on the other side of town was a special treat and I loved every second of it since they had a huge collection. I could go to museums and from afar I could tell what type of dinosaur/prehistoric animal was on display and accurately give its scientific name as well as it’s period. Any movie I watched was dinosaur related and I believe I watched Jurassic Park hundreds of times.

    Once while talking to my dad and sister at a restaurant about some newly discovered dinosaur this man overheard me and commented on it.

    I must’ve been around 6 or 7 and when I heard what he said I left my seat and came to sit with him and discuss. Turns out he was a paleontologist and my dad had to pull me away to let the poor man eat cause I just wouldn’t stop talking.

    Never stop loving learning

  5. I love love love when kids find such intense interests so young! Wherever this kid ends up, I hope they enjoy learning about it like they did with aviation

  6. Do they still do cockpit visit nowadays with all the post-911 measures?

    I remember visiting the cockpit of B747 as a kid and getting excited to see stuff like the ILS just like in the simulators I played. But I’m pretty sad my kids will never be able to experience the same thing on a commercial flight.

  7. This reminds me SO much of my son. ❤️ He was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at age 6. He’s a great kid, who is nearly impossible to keep up with. I wish I’d asked for help sooner. If you’re having a hard time, please ask for help! It’s out there!!

  8. When my kid was three, he was really into space. I mean, REALLY. I wanted to be an Apollo 13 astronaut for Halloween. I had to re-do the costume due to inaccurate patches, patch placement, valve positions, etc… It was like the kid had an internal measuring tape and and his three-year-old self was Tim Gunning my designs.

  9. I learned more from this clip then i did attending a private pilot training course in Junior College…

  10. This is a perfect example of how reading and educational videos can do wonders for a child. Bravo to his parents.

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