34 thoughts on “Android creator now wants to destroy the phone as we know it”

  1. No thanks. I’m happy with my phone being a *device* and not an assistant with a mind of its own. One that insidiously shields me from human contact.

  2. This coming from the guy who’s “essential” phone was missing so much essential shit. I don’t feel bad about the sales falling they really blew it on what the phone could have had. I don’t even know how advanced that processing on the AI would be for task automation.

  3. “Phone, what’s new on Instagram?”
    “Sally posted a picture of her frightened black dog on a trampoline, the atmosphere is chilly. There is a naked man standing on a rock far in the distance. Martin posted a picture of…”

  4. Essentially the future will only be Alexas talking to each other as if they were human and making decisions for us as the human race slowly deteriorates into mindless monkeys.

  5. Yelling at the ocean here.. but..


    Can some company *please* make another legit flagship phone? I’ll pay $2000USD. I don’t care anymore. I’ve been stuck on a Note 3 for almost 6 years.


    It requires a replaceable battery. Throw in an ultracap so that you can hot swap batteries without rebooting. It needs to have all the sensors, too much RAM, too much storage with expansion and multiple SIM card support. It should be thick, heavy and ugly, and extremely rugged (made with high quality rubbers, plastics, CF, fiberglass, etc. Enough with metal already). It should have an absurdly large battery (5-10Ah). The speakers should be loud and undistorted. It must come unlocked, without a locked bootloader, and custom roms must be acknowledged, if not supported, by the vendor. It should not have a curved screen, or a notched screen, or a folding screen, or any of that garbage. Please… someone take my damned money. 🙁


    I know I don’t represent the market, but I do represent *a* market, and I’m reasonably sure it’s a big one, since we haven’t been serviced in many years.

  6. I don’t want to “talk” to my phone or have it read my personal business out loud. I like my Reddit news feed in silence with the occasional butt sharpie pic mixed in and I want it on a 6″+ screen in 4k. Do not try to take this away from my morning commute goddammit!

  7. Sounds like a complete disaster of a product. The worlds best AI could not mimic the calls or texts of anyone with a shred of personality.
    This guy seems like he created something great and now is just looking for something to blow apple and google out the water. I hope he finds it but this certainly isn’t it

  8. but what about people who are bi-polar or flaky

    i mean, will it just say yes to every invite, and then you get to call people after the fact and explain that you didnt agree to buy those concert tickets – but rather your phone thought you wanted to.

  9. You are are thinking like tech users who just read a blog. Think like a VC for moment:


    Android creator is forcing himself to use a screen limited proto-device to develop the patents and systems necessary for a hypothetical “wearables are king” or “her actually exists” world. A “smart speaker on the go” etc. None of which really makes sense right now but we *might* be on the cusp of it.


    I’ll bet the exit strategy (ugh, i hate that term) is to sell to an existing phone vendor. You know, like how siri went from an app to an integrated thing. Siri and similar are barely functional yet but you gotta admit they’re making people a lot of money.


  10. I like the out of the box thinking and willingness to try new things. I will also not even come close to purchasing this product because the idea, while novel, sucks.

  11. As long as this guy’s out there doing his irrelevant thing, and not actively damaging Android, iOS, OSX, or whatever, I’m happy.

  12. This is where I depart the crazy tech-wankathon train.

    My phone is a useful gadget, I do not want it to detract from or control my actual interaction with other human beings (any more than it already kind of does)

  13. >>Think of it as an AI-powered device with a tiny screen that is supposed to reply to your text messages as it was you and make calls on your behalf.

    Yeah, I’m thinking. I’m thinking that sounds like Act I of a particularly horrifying dystopian novel.

    Seriously, do the creative geniuses who come up with this shit NEVER stop and consider how stuff like this will *certainly* go wrong?

  14. If you find this dystopian, don’t worry! The world’s dying so we won’t have to live with it for much longer.

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