Apple Watch Series 4 review: A bigger, better watchOS experience

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19 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 4 review: A bigger, better watchOS experience”

  1. So it doesn’t even ship with the ECG or Afib features. They are supposed to be released “later this year”.

    That’s the main reason i would want the watch. Better monitoring capabilities.

  2. Just picked mine up two days ago (replacing a series 1 that I bought almost two years ago). So far I rather like it. The bigger screen is quite nice, more than I expected. And the faster processor is definitely noticeable (less lag when using Siri, which was getting pretty F-ing annoying on my S1. Haven’t activated the LTE yet, because I need to move my line out of the company plan first, but I’m looking forward to untethering from my phone much of the time. And definitely looking forward to the EKG activation so I can leave my AliveCor Kardia at home.

  3. I’ve got an Apple Watch Series 3 and was wondering if the new Watch face featured in this picture with a multitude of complications will be made available to previous generations? Or is it exclusive to Apple Watch Series 4?

  4. When an article about the new Apple Watch aping Android Wear was posted in r/android recently, I saw a lot of people mentioning they were ditching Android for an iPhone because of this new watch. I’ll be keenly interested to see how they make out with iOS as their daily driver.

  5. My problem is I dont care for activity tracking. And that is basically 80% of it’s functionality.

    I just want a watch with a super long battery life, notifications and quick responses. eink would be fine. Something like my old pebble but more attractive.

    Also I think being stuck with the watch form factor is super limiting. Why not a long rectangular screen that runs up my forearm a bit?

  6. > they will make existing Watch wearers question their happiness with the smartwatch currently on their wrists

    You know, fast improvements like this actually discourage me from buying. I’m OK with upgrading every once in a while, but my expensive devices quickly becoming obsolete isn’t something I look for in a product. I wonder how well companies factor that in when designing new technology?

  7. Is the 44mm screen worth it over the 40mm screen?

    Apparently the band is a little bigger too and I have pretty small wrists. But not that much smaller than the minimum size of the larger band.

  8. I don’t understand the price difference between the steel and aluminum bodies. How much more can steel really increase the actual cost of making the watch? How much of the $220 price difference is straight up profit?

  9. This is the model I was waiting for, it looks like the finished product. The edge to edge screen looks perfect. The giant bezels of the older versions just looked odd, and made it clear that the perfect design was just around the corner once they mastered it. The digital crown was always clearly imperfect, and now it is perfect.

    This is exciting.

  10. Yet Still, you’re bunded to ONLY apple made faces and products. Literally the only thing I dislike about the Apple watch. Everything else, top notch (maybe the square shape too)

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