Apple’s iPhone XS and XR could leave out mainstream consumers

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20 thoughts on “Apple’s iPhone XS and XR could leave out mainstream consumers”

  1. There’s zero issue here, guys! Apple has all the previous model phones still being sold to the poorer people and the new iOS runs better than any previous iOS. Business insider missed this one…

  2. Apple will be fine. People who only can afford low-end devices are not their targets at all. Android can keep supporting the worthless $20 phones, if anything Apple needs to bump it up to only high end devices so we don’t have as many limits on the os by forcing it to have to support outdated devices.

  3. Mainstream consumer hasn’t been apple’s target or main slice of pie in this century. They have a brand following with no price sensitivity. The hardware is outclassed for the price constantly with people buying because they want the newest thing and because it says apple. The ecosystem just keeps them from switching to windows/android easily so they never do.

  4. People complained about the price of the iPhone X when my iPhone 7 Plus was $1100. Yeah, they always have and always will be expensive but how many people purchase them outright? I tried to once and essentially got bullied into the payment plan through my carrier. I’m pretty sure the majority of people finance them for the $40 or whatever it is a month on their phone bill. Sure, it takes 2 years to pay off before you can get another one but we’ve already been conditioned to get new phones every other year through our older contracts and “upgrade” availabilities. I don’t really see the big issue here. Is it some weird marketing thing to make an iPhone seem too expensive and therefore you’re the “elite” if you have one? I’ll continue to be the guy with a new iPhone every other year after I pay one off. It’s a pretty cheap and fair monthly price for what I get out of it in daily use.

  5. When my 6s dies, I’ll just buy another 6s. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a phone and I sure as hell won’t be spending anything close to a thousand dollars for what is basically a toy

  6. I bought an X and simply hate it. I’ve never owned anything but an iPhone but I’m buying a Samsung soon. Sick of Apple hardware costing so much and making me accommodate removing features.

  7. If you adjust for inflation, XS Max is similar priced to other flagship phones. Samsung Note 9 costs over $1000. Different people care about different stuff. Some people drink coffee and without coffee, they cannot function properly. I can never understand this feeling since I don’t drink coffee. People who buy Apple products are like coffee drinkers. If you don’t value design, ease of use or if you value spec, you probably won’t buy Apple products and won’t understand why people spend money on Apple products.

  8. Continue to ignore that the majority of consumers don’t pay full price for phones. They are on payment plans.

    Makes for great headlines though!

  9. [Mainstream consumers]( don’t seem to mind going into debt for a phone.

    Just like anything else, it’s only worth what people are willing to pay for it.

    This is probably one of the reasons Apple rolled out the Upgrade Program. People are less likely to drop $1,000 every year they drop a new model. It’s funny that the upgrade program has you sending your 1-ish year old phone back to them so they can no doubt resell it.

    Apple might as well be printing their own money.

  10. People seem to have a hard time understanding that apple was never about selling the most phones. They were about selling the most profitable phones. They are perfectly ok with a smaller market share but a larger profit share.

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