28 thoughts on “Cleaning a car seat”

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  2. I tried this on an old truck of mine and the seats never got clean. I went over each seat like ten times and everytime no matter how slow I went, all the water it sucked up was muddy brown. I eventually got tired and quit a defeated man.

  3. I used to steam clean carpets. We had a big industrial machine on a trailer that acted as part vacuum, part heated pressure washer. We would run lines into the houses and boiling hot soapy water would blast into the carpets and this insanely powerful vacuum would suck it up.

    It was backbreaking work for shit pay, but man would I love to just steam clean one more college party house’s carpets. It was so Zen and calming to see disgusting carpets magically turn brand new again.

  4. ITT people are confusing “specialized” and “common”. Those things are not mutually exclusive- like can openers. They do 1 thing, everyone has them. Otherwise this sub would be RareSpecializedTools.

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