9 thoughts on “Everytime!”

  1. Google should add a feature where once you visit a website and have determined it unsuitable for viewing due to ads, you can click a ‘remove results’ button that will prevent that website from ever displaying in your search results.

    Bonus points if it is collaborative: “13 additional results were found but have not been displayed due to the number of users who have marked the links as ad-ridden. Please don’t click <here> to display them anyway.”

  2. Why? They have to pay for their server and bandwidth somehow?

    I don’t mind ads. I prefer targeted ads b/c that means I might actually use them.

    I do mind ads that get in the way, which is the main reason I have an adblock on. But I also whitelist sights I really like, or I pay for things like reddit gold to stop the ads.

  3. Would it not be possible to create a service/plugin where users faced with an adblock block screen can get an auto-generated summary of the content (i.e. a bot would fetch it and auto summarise) so users can decide if it’s worth disabling adblock?

  4. Or you can simply disable JavaScript for said website. That would effectively disable the adblock check. It works for most of these websites but some of them don’t work without JavaScript so, I just avoid those altogether

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