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  1. As a tiler, these changed my life. The only problem now is that my Apprentice can’t tile for garbage without them

    A lot of people asked 2 questions, here’s my effort to answer them
    1 – How are they removed? Answer: they are designed to snap at the base. Only leaving the flat part under the tile. Not all brands do this very well however and if part of the bit that comes up is left then we need to cut that out before grouting.
    2 – Doesn’t it leave air gaps? Answer: In the video yes. I think however they are deliberately leaving the tile adhesive away from the edge of the tile in order to show what the clip system is doing. When used correctly there should be very minimal air gaps. Correct installing requires a good thickness of tile adhesive under the tile which you can push the tile into. Once contract between tile and glue had been made there is a suprising amount of what we shall call “stretch” in the adhesive. As the tile is pulled up, the adhesive will come with it. Of course there is only so much that the adhesive can stretch by, but even if it was only 1mm that is a big deal to a tiler. Also in the video it only really shows a tile coming up to meet the other. In practice generally one tile will come down and one will come up. They will meet half way. So there is much less chance of air gaps than demonstrated here.

    At the end of it all though, these are not a replacement for skill and knowledge of the installer. These simply help a tiler who knows what is needed to achieve a quality standard faster. A poor installer will still make mistakes using these

  2. I used these when I renovated my bathroom recently, super happy with the result and would totally recommend them to anyone who isn’t a professional tiler. Very easy to use.

    Biltema sell them, in countries where Biltema are available ofc.,,

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