36 thoughts on “Lumber Jack.”

  1. Making videos of tree falls without the sound should be punishable by death. It the most satisfying THWOMP you’ll ever hear.

    This also wasn’t a very good cut, that kickback is very dangerous.

  2. I’m always surprised when small devices like these can do something so mindblowing crazy; that tree weighs a gazillion ton and that lil’ 5kg metal thingy can lift it up enough for it to tip in the correct direction. Engineering F T W.

  3. Various things can go wrong using an ordinary bottle jack like this. The jack can punch into the log above as the load is not spread enough, the jack can fail due to overloading or side loading. Dedicated jacks to do the job are very expensive and have special valves which I think cannot burst. I heard that a bloke in Hobart Tasmania got struck by a bit of metal from a jack doing this. I’m an Arborist.

  4. This is very dangerous, easy for the jack or the plates that are used to fly out and take your face off. You also need quite a heavy duty bottle jack.

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