26 thoughts on “Made a “Worms” figure from sculpey polymer clay for my husband’s desk at work.”

  1. Please let me know if you decide to make (and sell) more of these. My husband and I love this game and still quote it to each other.

  2. If you do make more of these, count me in for one with a rope/string through it – I’m gonna bring roping back. I would seriously add your shop on Etsy if this becomes a thing

  3. My ex-boyfriend’s name to fame was being the top player at this game at some point in 2015. It was a pretty entertaining game to watch, I will say!

  4. Would you please tell me what type of firmness the clay you used? I’m new to modeling and tried firm clay and I found it a bit awkward and wasn’t sure if I was using the right clay.

  5. Very cool.

    For some reason this made me think of [the VR app tilt brush](https://poly.google.com/tiltbrush). If you have access, you should check it out. I played with it for awhile, but my patience for artistic expression faded years ago. I’m sure you’d dig it.

    You could also 3d scan and print this stuff and make a killing off of it.

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