20 thoughts on “Magnetic base drill (mag drill)”

  1. My favourite story is of a large building company making a bridge over a river with these when there was a power outage. All the magnets lost power and all the drills fell in the river

  2. Had a guy REMOVE RED TAPE from my extension chord that was taped to the outlets and labeled “DO NOT REMOVE MAG DRILL IN USE” in both English and Spanish….. I literally just tied the drill of and this jackass unplugged it. Thank god for the chain.

  3. I use a simple magnet when drilling or filing metal, to collect the chips. The challenge is taking them off the magnet. It’s all covered in metal dust now, impossible to remove.

  4. I watched an ironworker nearly kill an electrician over one of these. The ironworker had two extension cords taped end to end with custom-made guards around the plugs that said “MAG DRILL DO NOT UNPLUG” on them. Electrician comes over, removes the guard, removes the tape, and proceeds to plug in a three-way. As soon as he unplugged the cord, you could hear the ironworker cursing from the lift 30 feet in the air. The drill had fallen on him while he was setting the chain on an overhead beam. He came down and was close to hitting the electrician with a spud wrench before the site safety manager showed up and threw the electrician off the job.

  5. Not shown is the guy lifting this heavy bastard in place and trying to line your hole up perfectly. It’s hard to complain too much though cause these things can be a saviour when grilling through thick steel

  6. Oh yes the mag drill. I was hanging some angle iron from about 60 feet up and was drilling holes on the vertical side. Some brain surgeon forgot to fill the generator with gas so my magnet died. Fell about 60 feet to the ground and about 3 feet from my bosses truck. He wasn’t pleased but it worked even after that fall

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