38 thoughts on “Making industrial chains”

  1. My cousins worked in a stair building shop. On the rare chance a women was in the shop, someone would yell “WATCH YOUR FINGERS”. I’m guessing the same would apply at this place.

  2. Something very satisfying in seeing metal bend so easily. Also I’m glad it’s a gif otherwise I’m sure all we’d hear is AREREERRGGHHHSSHHHHHHAAARRGGGG

  3. It amazes me more that someone had to figure out how to design the machine that does this. Being able to conceptualize how to build things that build things is an awesome ability.

  4. I mean, this is a large press with a bending jig. There’s a million other uses for it. It’s just used to bend the steel for making the links for a chain and those links still need to be welded. . .

  5. It looks scary, but as long as you don’t put your fingers in the way of a few key areas, you’ll be fine. I worked with machines like this for years and can still count to 10.

    That being said, this is a mechanical machine, meaning that there’s a huge (like, seriously huge) flywheel on the back that’s spinning constantly and maintaining the inertia that is diverted into the press mechanism when the foot pedal is pressed. Once you start this thing in motion, it’s going to go through it’s full stroke no matter what. It’s a lot less safe than a hydraulic machine which can stop mid-stroke if you realize you’re about to lose a finger. Hydraulic machines are generally slower though, and require more maintenance.

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