Man creates his own ISP to serve rural community

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16 thoughts on “Man creates his own ISP to serve rural community”

  1. So he isolates his family cause he doesn’t want to deal with tech anymore. Then he gets angry that his daughter racks up huge data on the cell phone bill, so he starts an ISP in a rich coastline community. Then his wife praises him for “doing this for her”?

  2. Are the last few lines of this really fucking creepy and out of place to anyone else?

    “So what’s next for you?”

    “What’s next for me? …I think I want to learn a little bit about editing DNA.”

    like it comes out of nowhere and sounds villainous

  3. I live in rural Kansas. A similar scenario played out here when a private citizen, frustrated by large ISP’s poor service, started RG (Really Good) Fiber. It started in a similar manner as the person in this video, and eventually led to laying actual fiber to people’s homes. I had the founder of RG Fiber give a presentation for career day at our school (I’m a middle school principal). It is pretty amazing what people can accomplish if they are willing to stick with their cause and ignore he people who want you to fail. If they aren’t suing you, they are just booing you! (Take that with a grain of salt! lol)
    I can only imagine the likes of Comcast want to scrub guys like this from existence. I hope more people take on the cause of internet for underserved portions of our country. I have worked as a school administrator in several states. I think this is a bigger issue than the general public realizes. Poor families simply don’t have access. Free to low cost access needs to be more widely advocated for.
    I know of at least one small town that planned to do a partnership with their local school district. Their plan was to use the towns water towers to cover a significant portion of their county with free WiFi. (Kansas is flat, topography is not much of an issue here!). The school district would provide the fiber connection. The plan fell apart, eventually, I think in part due to pressure from the larger ISP’s saying it wasn’t allowable. I wasn’t privy to those conversations, so that is speculation on my part. The official answer was there were legal roadblocks to the plan.

  4. Wife and daughter complaining about dad isolating them in the middle of nowhere…

    …and they’re 5 miles from Santa Rosa and 10 miles from San Francisco. Poor dad. I feel ya, man.

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