Oculus Quest is a new, $399 standalone VR headset shipping next year

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11 thoughts on “Oculus Quest is a new, $399 standalone VR headset shipping next year”

  1. > We don’t know exactly how powerful the Oculus Quest will be, but Barra promises that porting games from the high-end Oculus Rift to Oculus Quest (or vice versa) will be easy.

    I’m sure porting them will be “easy.” Getting them to run at non vomit-inducing framerates without looking like hot garbage, now that’s another thing entirely.

  2. I have the Oculus rift with an 800 buck PC.
    It’s really cool, but there are a few issues.

    #1 the resolution,
    #2 The wiring for the headset
    #3 The space and mounting the cameras
    #4 The constant actualizing of the cameras with hand units.
    #5 The head unit can get hot and make you sweat, fogging up the lens a bit. (Might be just me, I sweat easily)
    #6 it’s still missing that flagship game
    #7 it’s still not comfortable and fun enough to make you want to play games for hours like on PC and console, this thing can get tyring

    Other than that, thing is fun. Spooky games are great too, never been so afraid.

  3. I don’t know why I find it hard to believe this thing is going to be providing an equivalent or better experience to one of the current headsets that is hooked up to a PC all for $400. Like there is no way this is going to be able to handle real games like fallout 4 or skyrim. Guess there is only so much they can do with current PC hardware.

  4. The coolest feature for me is the inside out markerless tracking. Basically means you have near infinite play space. They were showing off a multiplayer game at oculus connect where they let everyone run around a warehouse filled with boxes. The quest overlays the physical environment with the VR one.

  5. It’s based on last year Snapdragon chip. Good for basic games but nothing high end.
    Graphics will be simple.
    It’s only 72hz refresh too….

    It could be a good bridge between high end and cellphone level vr.
    Hopefully it’s a good experience that can attract the masses to vr….. But I don’t have high hopes.

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