45 thoughts on “Paint being mixed”

  1. Right near the end I was like “wtf how is it going to fully mix? It’s got all those streaks.”

    Then it just all of a sudden is fully mixed. Blew my mind.

  2. Y’know what, someone should make something similar to /r/photoshopbattles but for video. First one up would be this. AfterEffectsBattles or something.

  3. I retired as a scenic painter and from time to time I would clean out the old paints. Old paint had to be put into a 55 gallon drum and in the appropriate drum. Latex couldn’t be mixed with urethane and oils couldn’t be mixed with any of those. Each had their own drum. Sometimes a couple of coworkers would help me dump paint and then grab a long board and dip it in the paint. Pull it out to get a nice piece of art. Fun times.

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