35 thoughts on “Plywood sheet lifter”

  1. … this would be worse for you. Youre only using one hand

    Youre supposed to lift it and spin it, carrying it on one side and using your second arm to keep it from spinning

  2. There’s an easy way to do it with your hands hold the bottom of the board at your side by your waist while leaning it on your shoulder and use your free hand to steady it and always remember to bend at the knees while picking it up this is completely unnecessary a blatany money grab.

  3. Are you kidding me? The first sheet he picks up looks like 3/8 ply. The handle probably weighs more than the sheet. Anyone shows up to a framing crew with one of those and you’re instantly fired.

  4. As a younger man i had one something like this for a sheathing job. No shit i got fired for being lazy for using it while still being done faster than everyone else.

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