Reports: Apple AirPower still overheating, may be “doomed to failure”

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9 thoughts on “Reports: Apple AirPower still overheating, may be “doomed to failure””

  1. According to a person involved in the development there were even worse issues, like the whole phone being accessible via the charging interface. The testers were able to copy anything they wanted off the iPhones via the charger. Locked phones.

  2. Lesson learned, don’t jump the gun and showcase it before it’s even built. I still don’t understand why they had to announce it so early on and get everyone exited for it.

  3. Apple continues to put form over function because their candy-asses still don’t understand that Steve Jobs was the genius that ran the ENTIRE show and without him they are facked. And continue to prove it with their garbage ass releases that are over priced and are barely upgrdaded old versions. They keep coasting on his essence. And their user base are among the most ignorant of all tech users; too stupid to know they are full of shit.

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