Roku Premiere doles out 4K HDR streaming for just $40

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19 thoughts on “Roku Premiere doles out 4K HDR streaming for just $40”

  1. I want to stream pc desktop to tv in another room wirelessly. Doing it in 4k would be ideal. I currently use a steamlink for this would like other options. Any Roku products suitable?

  2. It would be nice if the Roku didn’t scan your network for other devices and send what it finds back to the mothership.

    > When you use the Roku Services, we may receive information about the apps, browser and devices you use to access our services, such as device types and models, unique identifiers (including, for Roku Devices, the Advertising Identifier associated with that device), IP address, operating system type and version, browser type and language, Wi-Fi network name and connection data, **and information about other devices connected to the same network.**

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