31 thoughts on “Samsung doubles down on phone size race, may enlarge Galaxy S10 and Note 10 displays”

  1. I’m seriously contemplating going back to a bar phone as it’s near impossible to find a good sub 5 inch phone. I may as well just get a bar and carry my tablet in a bag for when I need that functionality

  2. I remember when the iphone 6 and iPad 2, I think, came out. A guy in a cafe, iPad in front of him, talking to someone on his iPhone whatever…


    “I think they’re just fucking with us now, dude. The phone’s are getting bigger and the pads are getting smaller.”

  3. I just bought an S7 edge recently, I think the size of that is perfect and wouldn’t want anything bigger for a phone. Am I crazy?

  4. I knew this was coming after Apple’s commercial showing nothing but two phones floating around and ending with the words “Welcome to the big screens” in huge letters front and center.

  5. WTF, as a person with tiny hands i am really really getting sick of the bigger is “better” phone trend…

  6. I’ve been dreading to upgrade this old 4,5 inch phone because there are no good options with smaller screens. It’s so obnoxious carrying a brick around. I’m surprised nobody recognizes there’s a market for smaller devices.

  7. For fucks sake. Make the phones thicker and give us a bigger battery. And I swear to you Samsung, don’t give us a NOTCH!!!

  8. God, are they going to keep going until phones reach the original Note 8 size ?

    Have their phones hit the size of the Galaxy Mega yet?

  9. Yet here I am, looking for a replacement of my old 3.5-4 inch smartphone that has basic functions. (it doesn’t exist anymore 🙁 )

  10. I use the iPhone 5s as my personal phone since it came out, and I’m not changing it in the near future.
    I have a p20 pro as a company phone, I swear, the photos it takes are DSLR quality, but I almost never carry/ use it outside of work because it’s simply too big.

  11. Jesus. My phone already keeps falling out of my pocket, but at this rate I’m going to need an actual separate holster for it.

  12. Recently I’ve been looking for a decent compact device. I don’t watch movies and I don’t need a big display. The apps I do use (banking etc.) are fine on a small screen. There is no choice any more. Go and google “small phone” and you’ll find article after article where a 5″ display is now considered “small”. Sony and Samsung both used to make compact editions, but no more – the Sony XZ2 is now 5″. Seriously, they still use the name “compact” for it. Apple have discontinued the iPhone SE. Samsung don’t even bother. There’s literally no one out there making a small phone with half decent specs.

    Apart from calls, I mainly use my phone for listening to audiobooks and music while exercising. A large phone is a pain in the ass when you’re running. I’ve dug out my old iPod Nano and I refuse to pay 500 quid for an Apple Watch, especially since I don’t have an iPhone.

  13. How about getting rid of the useless curved screen that makes it so hard to find a screen protector that fits?

    Oh, and give me back my user replaceable battery. I miss my Note 4.

  14. As long as Samsung makes phones with a 3.5mm jack, expandable memory and no notch, they will have a large user base.

    At the very least they have a non flagship offering with a 3.5mm jack and notch free.

  15. remember when you could use phones comfortably with 1 hand?

    i don’t want a freaking tablet for a phone, i want something i can store and use comfortably. if i want a tablet, i’ll get a tablet, if i want something for more intensive stuff, i’ll bring a laptop

  16. Honestly.. why not. They’ll hit a point where it’s too big and then scale back to a sweet spot.

    I expected the note 9 to feel too big but I absolutely adore it.

  17. im using a 5.8 inch phone and I think its just right. My hand is pretty big but anything bigger than that is going to be a pain in the ass to carry around. What do you want a guy to do? Carry a purse around to house your phone?

  18. Just give me a 12″ galaxy tablet with a thin bluetooth connected handset that snaps into the back of the thing.

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