34 thoughts on “Semi-automatic broadfork”

  1. I’m struggling to understand how this is anything except fully manual. There are no motors, mechanisms, or even springs. A hinge now counts as semi-automatic? Every door in my house is semi-automatic? Cabinet doors? Semi-automatic.

  2. Rototillers can cause hardpan below the reach of the tines after repeated tilling, which can act as a barrier to roots. Broadforks are better at aerating without causing soil compaction or hardpan.

  3. Vertical tillage is so hot right now in agriculture. Interesting,how you are demonstrating a modern style tillage with an ancient tool.

    From a soil perspective this is superior to horizontal/ conventional tillage (cultivator, disc or rototiller) as it doesn’t leave a densely compacted layer right under the tilled soil. This makes it easier for roots to penetrate and water to percolate through.

  4. “semi auto” is probably is the wrong term “dual action” might be better. This unit slows the bed to be ready for planting in one pass by breaking the clods up on the second set of tines. Otherwise you would have to use some other means to break up the soil soft enough to to plant into.

  5. Cool…except it really disrupts the top soil. A broadfork is to loosen up the soil at least 4-6 inches deep, but you wiggle the fork back and forth to open it up. You don’t want to dig it up.

    Perhaps I’m mistaken and this fellow is working on a different project that requires the soil to be broken up, but for gardening, this is a big no no.

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