Some iPhone XS and XS Max devices are experiencing charging issues

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42 thoughts on “Some iPhone XS and XS Max devices are experiencing charging issues”

  1. Breathtaking. A fleet of new technology is released and some don’t work right.

    Even more astonishing, it’s been fixed in a patch already released.

  2. Should have spent a few hundred dollars more and got that glorified $2,000 iPhone. I heard it’s much better and makes you feel socially superior. Plus, you score points with Tim Cook and Apple investors. So worth the money!

  3. Expecting all 50 million phones to be perfect and not have issues, same with any product they’re not always perfect. At least this can be fixed through updates.

  4. Oh fucking Jesus, they locked out USB devices while the device is locked for security and people are too dumb to check that their phone is charging at night. There was an option in the settings all along.

    It’s so pathetic how people will exaggerate such a non-issue just because it’s Apple.

    And that article goes on to blame the iPhone for poor reception…maybe, just maybe, it’s the shitty carrier.

  5. OK, real talk, why is this sub and Android users in general always out to attack iPhones for the most trivial shit? Literally why do you care?

    Is it because your mom wouldn’t buy you one and kids made fun of you? Do you really think your equally priced Android is flawless? Do you work for a rival company and are mad Apple is kicking your ass? What the hell is it?

  6. I see the apple sheep are out en masse today, attempting to defend a device which can’t properly utilise the very thing that fucking powers it.

    So so shameful, so many videos on YouTube displaying this issue.

    You’d think a company like Apple who strive for perfection would have devices that can actually charge, without requiring a beta update.

  7. eh.. i have this problem with my iphone 6S plus…. i plug into my laptop and until i actually swipe and unlock my phone it doesn’t charge.. i thought it was a feature.

  8. I’m looking to move onto the XS Max, coming from an iPhone 6, is this charging issue fixed with iOS 12.1? Also whats the deal with this so called “Antennagate 2.0” where LTE signal is not as good as it should be.

    Any XS or XS Max users that have any comments/issues with charging/data

  9. Can confirm my xs max has the issue. If I plug the lightning adapter while the screen is locked it will not charge. I need to unplug the phone. Wake the screen and plug it again to charge. Seems like a software issue to me but at this price can’t accept anything less than perfect working condition.

  10. Has anybody else’s felt their XS Max screen is…less than sharp? For some reason it doesn’t feel very sharp, very bright and the colors don’t pop. My 7+ almost felt better.

  11. Mine is working fine but it did happen once. You would plug it in while the screen is off and tapping it would make it charge but it could have just been a delay. I mostly use wireless charging anyways

  12. I don’t understand why so many people rush out to buy the newest phone every single year. You pay more, and you are a guinea pig. I always wait 4, 5 months after a new phone is out to get it. But I also get a new phone every 3 years. Before smartphones I had the same phone for like 5 years.

  13. I just saw an article today about this, and then paid attention to my phone. It was plugged in, unused for 2 hours and lost 15% of its charge. Only thing worse is that my best option was an appointment at the apple store next Monday. FML.

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