30 thoughts on “The Huawei Mate 20 Pro will have a monster 4200mAh battery that charges to 70% in just 30 mins”

  1. That might just get me.

    I’ve always said, I don’t care how ugly it would make my phone look – stick a big fucking battery in it

  2. I used an Asus Zenfone 3 zoom for a while with a 5000mah battery. It really spoils you for anything else. It had reverse charging on it too.

  3. Huawei Mate 9 user here. It’s nice to plug in for a half hour and have 60% charge. Especially when 60% will last you 2 days.

    Made the mistake of buying a 5.7 inch screen phone with a 2000mah battery (an LG phone). I lived on the charger.

    Now it’s a pleasure to be able to use a 5.9 inch phone all day when charging is almost an afterthought. So much peace of mind when the battery percentage isn’t constantly worrying you. And this phone isn’t even their newest technology. Huawei is killing it.

  4. The amount if heat is gonna be insane! thats really convient though..

    also battery capacity != battery life, we’ll see when people start reviewing it 🙂

  5. It also ships with a locked bootloader, meaning you can’t customise and/or undo/remove anything that huawei ships it with. including the spyware/adware. 😉

  6. Crazy how we’ve proved to have Chinese intelligence spying on nearly all Huawei products (down to the very chips with back doors) that we’re even entertaining for Americans to buy these things!! Crazy

  7. I don’t want a battery that charges super fast. I just want a battery that doesn’t shut off my phone when it’s still fricking more than 10 Celsius outside Huawei!!

  8. Faster charging=more heat. Heat kills batteries. Batteries are glued and can’t be replaced.

    This bullshit needs to stop.

  9. It works fine for her, she needed big battery because she’s using it a lot. It is a low-middle end phone with a SD430, a 720p screen, so you can do 2 days easily with a charge. It’s not for big 3D game however.

  10. This writers overuse of “..will be one of” reminds me of the “let me tell you” repetition of the potato story

  11. Both the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro will support Huawei’s new fast-charging technology. Similar to Oppo’s Super VOOC ?

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