9 thoughts on “The new Kindle Paperwhite is finally waterproof”

  1. Oh shiiiiitttt throwing down the gauntlet! This is massively appealing at $130 especially with audiobook support. I’ll consider it when my current Paperwhite dies which is in… oh never because these things don’t break.

  2. I wonder if they will introduce a new Voyage at some point as well. It doesn’t look like there is much room left feature wise between the new Paperwhite and Oasis.

  3. I’m not buying a new kindle till it has usb c. I would like to no longer need two types of cables.

    I just need a usb kindle, fire hd (though I could just get a Samsung or some other android tablet I guess), and running Bluetooth headphones and I am all set. Not holding my breath for a kindle with it anytime soon, but my current paper white 2 should work fine for years.

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