36 thoughts on “The new Palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone”

  1. The Palm phone has a processor we’ve seen on other low-end phones — the Snapdragon 435 — paired to 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

    For the bargain price of 349.99 – LOL

  2. So now you can have your smart watch speaking to your ‘palm’ phone which speaks to your ‘normal’ phone which speaks to your laptop which in turn speaks to your desktop….

  3. There’s something interesting about this idea. If it were $100, I might give it a shot just for the novelty of it. I like weird gadgets, and I could see the benefit at that price point. It’s a hard pass at $350, though.

  4. When I heard someone bought the Palm name I was excited. I was hoping for someone to take that WebOS code and make something cool out of it, not just chuck Android on the device. Bummer. Also I’m getting real phone for your phone or second phone vibes. Idea wise, I suppose it would be cool for some people. However I am disappointed they didn’t just run with something full on. It could have been a cool “blast from the past” device to play with.

  5. Why not just shrink it down and turn it into a watch or something. Cool idea but would have been better as a true accessory instead of just a second phone. Also the price seems way over the top imo.

  6. Yo dawg I heard you like phones so I made a phone for your phone so you can phone while you phone.

  7. I miss small smartphones. Make a phone the size of the iPhone 4 with today’s screens and processors and I’m all-in.

  8. if you want small phones that dont do much, the early 2000s blackberry’s were way ahead of its time

  9. Aside from the price, and many other things that don’t really make it work in the way I want it to work, I think this would be a good system for a “I want to go somewhere classy/dangerous (for phones) and need a smaller, less expensive phone.

    This doesn’t really work like that at all, unless you call ~$400 cheap

  10. If this works standalone and you’re still banging the small phone drum like Droid fans for keyboards, maybe that’s the ticket, but you’re a damn fool to think the cure for your smartphone addiction is another smartphone. To paraphrase Homer Simpson… Consumption: the solution and cause of all the world’s problems.

  11. Well, I was following the news on the new Palm phone, but now I’m not. Can’t get it without a full fledged smartphone on a full-fledged plan with Verizon? Ok, pass. Does someone have a bot that can send me a reminder if they change their mind and let you use this phone solo? I’d switch to whatever carrier lets you…

  12. If this worked with other carriers than Verizon, didn’t up my monthly cell bill, and cost 1/3rd of what they’re selling it for, I’d legitimately buy one for camping or nights out on the town. Another example of useful tech poorly executed

  13. >The new Palm phone looks nothing so much like an itty bitty iPhone X.

    Am I drunk or did someone forget to proofread?

  14. So are we eventually going to see a reversal of the phablet trend?

    I recently picked up an old iPhone 4 and honestly it isn’t that bad. I can still read the information, there’s just a bit more scrolling. But the way I could easily hold it in one hand felt infinitely better.

  15. Why are all of these minimalist phones so overpriced. As someone who inadvertantly gets sucked into Reddit or Youtube for an hour or two or more if I’m not careful, I was really intrigued by the Light Phone II that launched on IndieGoGo. No, I’m not about to drop more than like dozen bucks on *any* crowdfunded thing unless it’s full designed and just needs to be manufactured. But it’s a *minimalist* phone, with like seven functions, and launched with an initial price of $400 dollars. Good greed.

    I mean good grief.

  16. When I want to still be connected, but away from my phone, I take my LTE-enabled Apple Watch and AirPods.

    Texts, phone, music, podcasts. All I need when traveling “phone-less” on the weekend.

    Don’t need a smaller, $350 plan-b phone.

  17. I am so disappointed this is designed to be a companion phone instead of a flagship. I would use the shit out of it if it had a Snapdragon 845 and iPhone-quality-photo-taking camera.

  18. Why not just release an OS that simplifies your phones usability for a certain period of time?

  19. So ill use my phone even more now since its slower and more difficult to use…and I will be upset while doing it….

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