Tool to accurately mark and measure uneven area

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23 thoughts on “Tool to accurately mark and measure uneven area”

  1. Who needs something like this? You just reach out, put your hands where you want to measure, then back away with your arms rigid and zombie shamble to what you need cut. Lurch forward and place your hands and have a friend make tick marks around your hand. Literally works every time if you don’t mind being wildly off.

  2. 6 knobs to wobble or come loose vs a fixed 90 degree framing square? This is massively overcomplicated and full of failure points. If even 1 of those knobs loosens, the measurement is lost. Having to change out the hole size for every different use seems cumbersome. This was designed by an engineer solving a problem that didn’t exist. Any tradesperson or tile setter could do this with a pencil and square, as demonstrated by 99.9% of bathroom tiles with holes cut in them. Having worked in trades and fabrication for 15 years, and being an accumulator of strange tools, I’m really stumped as to what this would actually be good for.

  3. This looks over complicated, but admittedly interesting.

    For a DIY at home, sure why not? As a tradespersons though, this would take way too long. Better to use a square, or even just a tape measure.

    The messing around with this tool looks like it takes too long, and I’m not sure if it would lock up rigid enough to not move the slightest bit. Still an interesting novelty item though!

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