Unannounced 3rd-gen Chromecast gets sold at Best Buy, packs Bluetooth

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23 thoughts on “Unannounced 3rd-gen Chromecast gets sold at Best Buy, packs Bluetooth”

  1. fingers crossed this gives access for bluetooth headphones. I know it might not be for everyone, but I really enjoy throwing on a pair of bt headphones and being able to walk around while listening to my shows off my laptop. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a bt transmitter for my tv.

  2. Redditor posts his story about getting a 3rd gen Chromecast from Best Buy 3 days ago. Every tech and news related site picks up on the post and publishes it on their own platforms. Not so diligent Redditors spend the next 3 days posting the major news / tech site’s stories back to Reddit. The cirlcle of internetting.

  3. I wonder if it’ll do Bluetooth headphones for audio output. One of my biggest peeves is streaming something from my old phone to Chromecast, but I can’t plug headphones into the phone to get an audio feed of what’s on the TV. I know why it doesn’t work that way, but it seems like such a simple thing… especially when I have a Wii U that can do that. I might be able to get rid of my Wii U if I can cast off my phone to Chromecast and then use Bluetooth headphones/earbuds to get the audio.

  4. I knew 3rd gen was coming out simoly because all our 2nd gen ones went on clearance, but i didnt know it was unannounced! We got our 3rd gem chromecasts in last night, and we cant sell them yet, our registers wont allow it, so i dont know what’s going on over at Best Buy! Seems like deliberate matketing!

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