Video of the next Samsung Galaxy user interface in action

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39 thoughts on “Video of the next Samsung Galaxy user interface in action”

  1. I have a galaxy s9 and have had an s3, 5, and 7 before this. I haven’t used a new feature since like the s5. We dont need to play fortnite while we manage our email. We just need a fast reliable phone.

  2. This is really a weakness of Samsung.

    If they could develop a lite skin without the duplicate apps, it would sell better and they’d be able to update faster.

  3. I think it should be mentioned that this is an alpha build or even pre-alpha, so a lot of this could change before this update starts hitting phones.

    My point is, judge it all you want, its probably ~~not~~ going to change significantly before its released.

  4. Too many apps from Samsung that I don’t want or need, but still can’t remove and have to be updated constantly.

    I liked my S7 but until the bloatware goes I think Samsung and I might be done.

  5. Bloatware is kind of moot when your phone comes with 64GB of storage at minimum. When it was 8GB, it was insulting. Now, I’m over it. I just hide what I don’t use and I’m never bothered again.

  6. Without getting into the whole iPhone vs Android debate, the one thing that I have never liked about these phones is their interface. Like others have said, everything looks far too round, and they make the screen bigger and bigger but don’t fill it with anything so you end up having big empty space in your on UI until you fill it in with other things.

  7. All I need is a dark mode for the Clock, because getting blasted in the face with white light when setting the alarm at night sucks.

    Also, that guy should keep his hands out of the frame unless he’s demoing a specific feature.

  8. I really just want a phone with hardware like a newer Galaxy (expandable storage, headphone jack, waterproofing, wireless charging, AMOLED screen, good camera, good processing power) but with stock Android. There doesn’t seem to be a phone out there with all of these.

    My S7 has been getting really warm since it upgraded to Android 8, and I”ve been trying to come up with a good replacement. Unfortunately, my carrier has a limited selection. My folks pay for my line, since four lines is cheaper than three for them, so switching means paying a lot more.

  9. All I really care about is dark mode. I don’t know why manufacturers don’t have the option for light/dark so users have a choice.

    For me, I turn dark mode on in all apps that have it.

  10. > It doesn’t seem that Samsung is planning to add a notch any time soon: the way the quick settings’ user interface is laid out — fully using the entire top edge of the screen — **there doesn’t seem to be a way to fit a notch**. Of course, this may change once the final version is released on the Galaxy S10, but it is unlikely.

    WTF kind of backwards-ass thinking is this? The notch is dead space. The notch is not a feature, it’s a byproduct of making the screen extend upwards besides the speaker and camera openings. If you ever find yourself thinking “hm I wonder if there’s way to fit a notch in here”, slap yourself in the face please.

    For how much the article goes on about negative space, you would think they’d understand this.

  11. Yeah, I uh,..did not like this. I realize it’s an in-progress thing, but. This is the kind of overthinking that’s pushing me to Pixel territory.

    Your design is bad and you should feel bad.

  12. I’d been considering finally trying a samsung phone to replace my pixel 2 xl since the pixel hardware seems to be a step down from Samsung, but I just can’t deal with this UI. It’s so ugly IMO.

  13. Stop fucking around with the UI or at least give people the option during upgrades to keep the old interface..Im pretty sure most people would..
    Kitkat was great..Lollipop is fucking hideous.

  14. “No notch anytime soon” is where I stopped and let out a happy sigh. That stupid, ugly, lazy, poorly designed thing has no place on any high end phone.

  15. > There’s a big banner on top across almost all apps in the phone. It’s so big it takes a third of the entire screen. Right now, it is just black with play text over it indicating what you are looking at (i.e. Settings). But I can imagine that the black will be replaced with some kind of background art.

    More likely for ads and either the ad space isn’t sold yet or they didn’t want testers to see them and complain loudly.

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